Moms and kids agree, itís gotta be Soylent!

Soylent Corporation first introduced Soylent Yellow in 1999, and the break through protein cake has been a family favorite ever since. Combining the taste sensation of real seafood flavors with the latest in dietary science, Soylent Yellow is the only food youíll ever need!

With the success of Soylent Yellow, Soylent Blue was introduced to an excited public in the spring of 2004. Unbelievable as it seems, the sweet, nutritious Soylent Blue was even more successful than Soylent Yellow. Sweet as a fresh apple, but with more dietary necessities per gram than any other food product, Soylent Blue is a classic treat that wonít be ignored! Now available in fifteen different forms for your maximum dining enjoyment and creativity!

The new and exciting Soylent Red was introduced in 2019, and has been a runaway success ever since. Combining the spicy taste of peppers with the mouth watering flavor of fine corn flour, Soylent Red is a staple in households all over the world.

We at Soylent Corporation are always excited to hear about the new and fascinating ways our customers find to prepare our products. If you have a favorite Soylent recipe, send it in for a chance to win a yearís supply of the classic Soylent flavor of your choice! Some restrictions may apply.* We want to hear from you!

For more information on our newest creation, the fantastic Soylent Green, please visit our new Soylent Green page!