At Soylent, our past is your future!

Soylent was founded in 1999 by food scientist Mark Harthaw and oceanographer Jackson Fine. Together, they discovered the revolutionary Soylent process of extracting vital proteins from the bountiful plankton population of the Pacific Ocean. Harthaw and Fine took the company public in 2012 when a large increase in population combined with rising temperatures and sea levels led to the exhaustion of traditional food sources. The demand for Soylent proteins was on, and it has only grown stronger as the years have gone by. Now, in 2022, Soylent Corporation is the single largest producer of foodstuffs for 90% of the world’s population. Everyday, billions of people all over the world enjoy affordable, nutritious Soylent products, the food of the future!

To further serve the public good, Soylent Corporation opened their first waste disposal plant in 2015. Now, Soylent operates over fifteen thousand such plants worldwide, proving clean, efficient waste disposal at a fraction of the cost of traditional public works. Recently, Soylent Corp. has gone even further, compensating customers for their organic trash and inorganic recyclables. Now, as humanity presses boldly towards a bright future, Soylent Corporation stands at the edge of innovation, both abroad and at home. Soylent; feeding the world, one person at a time.