End your life just like you started it, with Soylent!

In todayís hectic climate, even dying can be an onerous chore. We at Soylent believe that a personís life is their own to do with as they wish and, when the time comes, we are delighted to bring you the chance to spend your final moments in beauty and dignity. If you feel that the life has become too much, please feel free to seek out a Soylent Corp Final Care center. A Final Care specialist will be available to help you along and ease you through your last moments. Every Final Care session is tailored specifically to suit the needs of the individual, so you know that when you choose Soylent Final Care for yourself or for a loved one, youíre choosing the best in end life experiences. Final Care centers are open after curfew and all through the night. Remember, in life and death, Soylent is there when you need us.