Nice Dragons Finish Last

"A deliriously smart and funny beginning to a new urban fantasy series about dragons in the ruins of Detroit...inventive, uproariously clever, and completely un-put-down-able!" - SF Signal

Writing Wednesday: WTF are Subplots and Do I Need One?

Feb 3rd, 9:49am
Warning! Today's post is going to be both technical and opinionated. If you disagree with how I treat subplots in my work, that is entirely your right. You do you! But if you're interested in seeing how I think about/manage/plan the subplots in my books, stick with me, 'cause shit's about to get specific!Ready? Let's go!Writing Wednesday: How to Write a SubplotIt doesn't have to be this complicate... Read More

Writing Wednesday: The Long Tail -- What Happens When Nothing Happens?

Jan 27th, 12:16pm
Hey guys, I'm sick as a dog today, so I'm turning the blog over to my incredible husband and business partner Travis Bach (aka, the one who actually does all the non-writing work in this house). As always, he came through in spades and wrote an incredible post. It's almost enough to make me wish I was sick more often! (THAT'S A JOKE, UNIVERSE. DON'T DO IT.)Anyway, the tissue pile is getting danger... Read More

Writing Wednesday: The 3 Things You Need for Killer Dialogue

Jan 20th, 12:28pm
A while back when I asked y'all what you wanted to see in a craft post, I saw at least two requests for a post on dialogue. I initially didn't want to write about this topic because, to be honest, dialogue has always come naturally to me. It's the one bit of writing that I've never struggled with, and thus is the one bit of writing where I don't actually understand exactly what I'm doing because I... Read More

"For all lovers of urban fantasy, this book will be a welcome addition to their shelves. Rachel Aaron brings her charismatic humor and superb characterization to this story while also developing a very unique world" - Fantasy Book Critic on Nice Dragons Finish Last

"Super fun, fast paced, urban fantasy full of heart, and plenty of magic, charm and humor to spare, this self published gem was one of my favorite discoveries this year!" - The Midnight Garden on Nice Dragons Finish Last

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"I loved this book! So helpful!" - Courtney Milan, NYT Bestselling Author on 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love

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