Nice Dragons Finish Last

"A deliriously smart and funny beginning to a new urban fantasy series about dragons in the ruins of Detroit...inventive, uproariously clever, and completely un-put-down-able!" - SF Signal

Writing Wednesday: Anatomy of a Scene

Jun 22nd, 9:22am
Hello everyone, and welcome back to Prose Summer Camp!Today, we're going to be taking a look at the workhorse of fiction, the scene. But first, announcements!First, on Monday, Trav had a great post about why you shouldn't price your novel at $0.99. For the record, I absolutely agree with everything he says, but (as we always say around here), our way is not the only way. Case in point, after ... Read More

Let's Talk Numbers: Why You Shouldn't Price Your Novel at $0.99

Jun 20th, 10:24am
Hi Folks,We're back from Colorado, so that means our more regular posts can resume. Thank you again to Kameron Hurley for filling in for us with her amazing gust post about hybrid authorship! (Seriously, go read it if you haven't! It's good!)Today I have a short one about pricing. Let's talk about pricing a full length novel at 99c as a standard, not sale, price and the horrible problems that can ... Read More

Writing Wednesday GUEST POST! with the amazing Kameron Hurley

Jun 15th, 11:00am
Hello from COLORADO!Yes, I'm standing by a frozen lake. Yes, I am wearing shorts. 10,000 feet, baby!As you've probably surmised from the pictures, we're on vacation this week. Fortunately, this works out in your favor because we've got the amazing (and Hugo award winning!) essayist, author, feminist, and all around whipsmart lady Kameron Hurly here on the blog to talk about making the jump fr... Read More

"For all lovers of urban fantasy, this book will be a welcome addition to their shelves. Rachel Aaron brings her charismatic humor and superb characterization to this story while also developing a very unique world" - Fantasy Book Critic on Nice Dragons Finish Last

"Super fun, fast paced, urban fantasy full of heart, and plenty of magic, charm and humor to spare, this self published gem was one of my favorite discoveries this year!" - The Midnight Garden on Nice Dragons Finish Last

"If you liked Star Wars, if you like our books, and if you are waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to hit the theaters, this is your book." - Ilona Andrews, NYT Bestselling Author on Fortune's Pawn

"This book kicked ass, I loved the main characters, the mystery, the setting, the plot twists, I JUST LOVED IT! Perfect light sci-fi. If you like space stuff that isn't that complicated but highly entertaining, I give two thumbs up!" - Felicia Day on Fortune's Pawn

"I loved this book! So helpful!" - Courtney Milan, NYT Bestselling Author on 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love

"A romp of a lighthearted fantasy starring an absolutely darling rogue." - Publisher's Weekly on The Legend of Eli Monpress Omnibus